Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November already.


Dear world,

This month is the time for turkeys, cornucopias, and stories of the pilgrims progress, but most importantly gratitude. They say a happy person is a grateful one, so this month I will be blogging one thing I am thankful for, every day, starting, uh, now.

I got the idea from my friend. So naturally, my first thankful post is that I am grateful for her. Sorry, I don’t mean to embarrass, but I’m not really that sorry. For privacy I will call her “Sylvia”.

Sylvia and I were neighbors in Chicago. Then I decided to be a jerk and move across the country. Somehow, Jessica still remained a friend to me (Oops, I meant Sylvia), and darn it if she hasn’t been one of the best ones. If it weren’t for her I don’t really know how I would have gotten through this mess of a move and new baby and all that. So thanks Jess. SYLVIA! Her name is Sylvia.

By the way, if you want a good read, I suggest taking a look at her account of the hospital stay after her son was born. (We also were pregnant at the same time and our children were born exactly two weeks apart –  either a really cathartic or really hormonally charged experience, take your pick) Here is the link, you will not be sorry.


betsybabyshower-1042 Pregnancy and psychosis go hand in hand.

Oh and, since I missed November 1st, yesterday I was grateful for… cheese. Yup. Cheese.

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Jess Hammond said...

BAM!!!!!!!!! Holy crap! I love your freaking hippie egg painting video gaming bunny raising ice eating face!!!! Will you send me those pictures again because my computer ate them for breakfast. I want Seattle to explode so you can come back here and yell at weird dudes that save parking spaces with lawn chairs.