Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22

Ok so, a few days ago I posted about funny things. I recently found one of Micah's gems that he wrote while I was recently returned from my mission. There was a "25 things about me" trend circulating on social media. It was typical for people to list things they had accomplished, even if they were stupid.

Well enough explanation. This is what Micah wrote:

25 Things About Me
by Micah Croft on Tuesday, February 3, 2009 at 3:15pm

1. I drink a bottle of fish oil every day.
2. I am in a local bowling league and I have won 3 interstate championships.
3. I am a member of the constitution party.
4. I own 2 pairs of shoes, but 4 pairs of cowboy boots.
5. I have a collection of Barbies, the oldest of which is a 1964 "Career Girl."
6. I was once a scoutmaster in a boy scout troup with 13 boys.
7. I have never been on a second date.
8. I have never seen a scary movie, unless you count ET.
9. I have been to three separate continent.
10. I was once arrested for driving without a license.
11. I could have gone to medical school, but I decided to become a homeopath instead.
12. I am just starting a homeopathic practice in Chicago, and am incorporating several ideas from Buddhism into my work. You should check me out on www.homeopathyforchicago.com.
13. I have a pet iguana named philocius.
14. I wrote a poem about rain drops that was included in a published collection of poems by american poets.
15. I got 113 on the facebook IQ test. I know it isn't genius level, but still, NOT BAD!!!
16. When it isn't too cold, I like to ride my unicycle (You might see me down by lake michigan on a sunny day.)
17. I try to go to a Renaissance Faire at least every year. I have been to faires in 5 different states.
18. I once won best merlin impersonator at one such faire.
19. I've read over 25 books (that's only novels, not counting any other books, like cookbooks, or comics).
20. I have friends from all over the world and now have over 100 friends on facebook!!!
21. The Davinci Code, by Dan Brown changed my life.
22. I once met the "Painter of Light," Thomas Kinkade, in the mall. I have his autograph!
23. My favorite state is Utah, because I feel less challenged there.
24. I don't really get humor.
25. George W. Bush is my hero. I hope that someday I will reach a fraction of his greatness. I am sad that he is no longer our president, but confident that his legacy will live on as perhaps the greatest president since Lincoln.

I laugh so hard every single time I read this. Every time.

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