Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23rd

Ya’ll knew it was coming.

A month of things I am grateful for? Well one of those has got to be the fact that somehow, miraculously, I managed to convince someone to live with me for the REST OF HIS BLESSED LIFE.

Marriage is a TALL ORDER. Marriage to me is the most complicated item on the menu. Who would be insane enough to tackle the job!?

Summer at home 097


I figured it was appropriate to give him his proper credit today, the 23rd, as we were married on May 23rd, 2009. (Just 2 1/2 years ago! We are babies!)

Whenever people ask us for our “story” we look at each other, asking ourselves non-verbally, “where to begin?”

It’s kind of a long story.

We say the usual things:

“We met at BYU”

“We were in the same student ward (neighbors)”

“He was my home teacher” (This is true, but I say it as a joke.)

“Internet chatroom” (also a joke…)

But we never really get into the whole “Betsy served a mission for 18 months in Eastern Europe while Micah waited patiently during his first 2 years of medical school in Chicago" part.

Thinking about this, it seems we are gluttons for punishment. “Waiting for someone” on a mission is super risky business. So much can change in 18-24 months. Communication is strained, especially since I was in Ukraine, and mail took 2 weeks to deliver. We could not talk on the phone. We were both extremely focused on our work. It would seem there would be no way to develop and nurture a relationship.

But I served a mission anyway, and we got through it. It was so miserably hard at times. But, at other times, it felt like something we had to do. It was like the saying that goes, “relationships that work out just keep working out.” We had no idea what would happen. So we took it day by day.

People, this is a miracle.

So do I believe in miracles? YES! Am I grateful Micah waited for me? Shoot. Is the sky blue? Maybe. I mean. YES.

Everything I have mentioned that I am grateful for, ties back to him. I could never be grateful enough that he is a part of my life! But I will keep trying, ok?

Summer at home 001

A picture he sent me during my mission. How could I resist that?!?!?!?

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